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New-Graduate Registered Nurse Residency Program

Cedars-Sinai has a proud tradition of excellence in nursing and we’re proud to share this with the next generation of nurses. Joining our program for new nurses will expose you to a variety of clinical experiences on medical and surgical units. Our program will expand your opportunities for hands-on clinical practice while allowing you to gain valuable experience and enhancing your decision-making and critical thinking skills. Strong peer support, educational opportunities, and one-to-one collaboration with an experienced preceptor will help you build a foundation of nursing excellence.

We have several new-graduate nurse programs per year; shortly before each cohort, we'll post positions on this career site. Please apply to the appropriate position and make sure you will have your California Registered Nurse license before the program begins.

Setup a Job Alert now to be notified about the openings as soon as they are posted.

  • 2020 Summer Cohort
    Apply in early June
    Interview event in July
    License needed before July 8, 2020

  • 2020 Fall Cohort
    Apply in early Aug.
    Interview event in Sept.
    License needed before Sept. 17, 2020

We will take the first 200 qualified candidates who apply to the position.

Please set-up a job alert that will notify you when we post the position.

Our Program Guidelines

The New-Graduate Registered Nurse (RN) Residency Program is a full-time employment opportunity that requires your two-year commitment with a signed, contractual agreement. The program lasts approximately one year and consists of 13 didactic and interactive workshops spread throughout the year. Also integrated into this program are eight weeks (24 shifts) of precepted clinical orientation. You will be supported by unit leadership, educators and advanced practice nurses during your time in the program.

As a member of the program, you will complete one week of general hospital introduction, new employee orientation and training on the electronic medical record system. The following week introduces nurse resident to the New-Graduate RN Residency Program.

On the third week, you will begin your 8-week (24 shifts) precepted clinical orientation on a medical/surgical unit. The new-graduate nurse will work the same schedule as their preceptor, with efforts made to accommodate their desired shift as much as possible. After this, you will be placed in a permanent assignment on a medical/surgical nursing unit. Workshops will continue throughout the year in which you will receive a combination of didactic learning, hands-on skills training, simulated experiences, group work/projects, support rounds, and group discussion. The new-graduate nurse will be eligible to apply for transfer to specialty internships or other divisions after completion of the residency program and one year of experience in their residency unit.

Requirements to qualify for the New Graduate Nurses Program:

  • You must have a current and active California registered nurse license prior to starting the program.
  • You must have less than nine months of acute care hospital-based experience as a licensed RN prior to the start of the program.
  • You must have a 3.0 nursing GPA or above.
  • You must sign a contract for an 18-month commitment to Cedars-Sinai.
  • You need at least a Bachelor's degree in nursing – Master’s degree is preferred.
  • You must have completed your nursing program within the last 12 months.
  • You need a current and active Basic Life Support (BLS) certification for healthcare provider from the American Heart Association.

A complete application will include:

  1. An online application with your resume and personal statement attached.
  2. The personal statement should include: why you selected nursing as a profession, what being a nurse means to you and what you will bring to the profession of nursing at Cedars-Sinai. This is your opportunity to help us get to know you beyond what is on your resume. The personal statement should not exceed two pages.
  3. A copy of a portfolio you can leave with us. Please include:
    • A second copy of your resume and cover letter,
    • Unofficial academic transcripts,
    • Two letters of recommendation, and
    • A description of any volunteer service you’ve performed.
    • Your personal statement

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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