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Know someone that would make a great addition to Cedars-Sinai? 

Any Cedars-Sinai employee can refer someone to join us. If you aren't involved in the hiring decision and aren't in the Talent Acquisition department you could be eligible for a referral bonus up to $10,000. Best of all, there’s no limit to the number of referrals, so start referring people today!

$10,000 Super Bonus when we hire:

    • All Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants supporting cardiac surgery ICUs and cardiothoracic surgery

$5,000 Special Bonus when we hire:

            • Registered Nurses hired into the Cedars-Sinai nurse float pool.
            • Registered Nurses hired into our Intensive Care Units
            • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)
            • RN, Labor and Delivery
            • Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Interim Nurse Practitioners hired into our oncology areas (inpatient and outpatient)
            • RN, Care Coordinators – Case Management accepting offers after Aug. 21, 2020
            • RN, Utilization Review Case Managers – Case Management accepting offers after Aug. 21, 2020
            • Select corporate service positions
              • Sr. Major Gift Officer
            • Select research positions
              • Biomedical Scientist, Associate Biomedical Scientist, and QA Leads
              • Manager, Quality Assurance
              • Postdoctoral Scientist
              • Principal Grant/Contract Officer
              • Process Development Scientist
              • Project Scientist
              • Quality Control Manager
              • Research Fellow
              • Additional research positions within the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute (See individual job postings for eligibility.)

$3,000 Bonus when we hire:

            • All Registered Nurses not listed above
              All positions, full or part-time. (Excludes RN Internship and RN New Grad Programs.)
            • Nurse Practitioners and Interim Nurse Practitioners
            • Physician Assistants 
            • Allied Health Professionals
              Cath Lab RTs, Clinical/Registered Dietitians, Dosimetrists, Genetic Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Physicists, Radiation Therapists, Pharmacists, Psychologists
            • Health Information
              Coders/Coder Specialists, Lead Coders, Coding Education Specialists
            • Laboratory Professionals
              Clinical Laboratory Scientists (all levels), Cytogenetic Technologists, Electron Microscopists, Histologists, Pathologist’s Assistants, Team Leads & Supervisors
            • Rehab Professionals
              Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists
            • Team Leads & Supervisors
              Health Information, Imaging, Laboratory, Rehab
            • Select Information Technology positions
              See individual job postings for eligibility.
            • Allied Health Technicians
              Echo Technicians, EEG Technicians, HLA Technicians, IOM Technicians, Specialty Technicians, Surgical Technicians
            • Select research positions
              • Bioinformatician II and III
              • Biostatistician II and III
              • Biomedical Technician
              • Biomedical Specialist, QA Specialist, and Sr. Regulatory Coordinator
              • Clinical Research Associate I/CPT
              • Clinical Research Coordinator I/CPT, II, II/CPT, III

$1,500 Veterans Bonus:

            • All positions

Program Guidelines

            • Human Resources, in conjunction with management, may alter or change the positions included in both the Employee-referral  Program at any time.
            • Human Resources will have the final authority over all aspects of this program. Any aspect of this program is not subject to conflict resolution or grievance.
            • All referral bonus payments are contingent on the successful completion of all required orientations.
            • All Employee-referral Bonuses will be paid via a separate check and taxed at the applicable rates.
            • Employee-referral Bonuses are not retroactive and will not be paid retroactively for positions hired.
            • Submission by the referring employee must be no earlier than 90 days before the referral is hired and no later than 30 days after the referral's date of hire.
            • Only one submission per hire will be accepted. In the case of multiple submissions, HR will first consult any information in the new employee's job application and will then use the timestamp on the employee-referral forms to determine which one will receive the bonus.


            • Only hires into full-time or part-time positions are eligible for the Employee-referral Program. Per Diem vacancies are not eligible for the Employee-referral Program.
            • Any employee in full-time, part-time, or per-diem status may submit for an Employee-referral Bonus.
            • Employees may submit referrals for travel nurses that convert to full or part-time positions.
            • Referrals for the Registered Nurse Internship, Registered Nurse New Grad programs only qualify for Veterans bonus program. They do not qualify for any other referral programs.
            • Candidates must be referred by a current Cedars-Sinai employee.
            • Candidates cannot be current employees of Cedars-Sinai or have been employed by Cedars-Sinai in the past year.
            • Both the referring employee and the hired referral must be current employees at the time the bonuses are paid.
            • Only Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Medical Network employees are eligible for participation in the program. Human Resources Talent Acquisition staff and attending physicians are not eligible, neither are Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital employees.
            • The referring employee may not be a party to the hiring decision, nor may they be in the management hierarchy for the new employee.

Payout information

            • The Veteran’s Bonus does not combine with other referral bonuses. Employees will receive the greater of whichever referral bonus they are eligible for.
            • Referral bonuses of $1500 or less will be submitted to payroll after 30 days of employment.
            • Referral bonuses between $1500 and $3000 will be paid in two installments.
              1. The first payment of $1000 will be submitted to payroll upon 30 days of employment.
              2. And the balance will be submitted to payroll after 1 year of employment.
            • Referral bonuses greater than $3000 will be paid in three installments.
              1. The first payment of $1000 will be submitted to payroll upon 30 days of employment.
              2. The second payment of $2000 will be submitted to payroll upon 6 months of employment.
              3. The balance of the referral bonus will be submitted to payroll upon 1 year of employment.
            • Please allow 6-8 weeks after submitting to payroll for check processing. 
            • Payments will only be made to current employees.
            • For 50/50 referral bonuses: The referral must be an employee at the time of payment for any payout to occur. If the referring employee is no longer employed by Cedars-Sinai, only the referred employee will be paid.

Contact Cedars-Sinai Human Resources if you have any questions.

            • Email us anytime at
            • Call us at 833-CS4-myHR (274-6947) 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday


Did you refer someone? Apply for your bonus now!


Step 1: Have them apply to the job online. They can’t be hired if they don’t apply! 

Step 2: Fill out this form. Fill it out online or print it and scan it back into your computer. You can even photograph it with your phone.

Step 3: Send the form to no later than 30 days after your referrals hire date.

Step 4: The first payment is submitted to payroll at 30 days. Check processing can take 6-8 weeks.