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With more than 100 research laboratories and excellent opportunities for growth and development, Cedars-Sinai offers our researchers and scientists unparalleled access to cutting-edge technologies, facilities, and resources for conducting research related to an impressive range of diseases and disorders, from cancer, cardiology, and digestive diseases, to genetics, genomics, neurosciences, and women's health. Through the power of clinical trials, the researchers at Cedars-Sinai discover new opportunities for advancement in research. To learn more, please visit: Academics & Research at Cedars-Sinai

Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) work independently to provide study coordination, screening of potential patients for protocol eligibility, presenting non-medical trial concepts and details, and participating in the informed consent process. Typically, you will be responsible for accurate and timely source documents, data collection, documentation, entry, and reporting including timely response to sponsor queries. In addition, Clinical Research Coordinators are responsible for compiling and reporting on each study including information related to protocol activity, accrual data, workload, and other research information, while ensuring compliance with all federal and local agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and local Institutional Review Board (IRB). In this role, you will have an opportunity to present study information at regular research staff meetings.

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